strife Reviews

A quick overall review on Strife

Strife is a new MOBA game that tries to take the bad aspects of MOBA games and convert them to good aspects for example. Removing the need to have an ad carry that needs every last hit on a minion, gold from minions is shared to nearby team members, this also removes the need for a dedicated support to back the ad carry up.

I’ve been playing Strife a bit and I must say this games does have potential, a downside to this is that the game feels too casual, at least for me a “hardcore” league player. I found it hard to enjoy the game at first, coming from league to Strife. The game slowly got me into it though it’s easy to learn but it still does require a bit of champion knowledge to master.

Strife introduces some cool options to the MOBA genre, for example having a pet with specific spells, and crafting.

The pets act as “summoner spells” from League of Legends would, one conceals you and creates a clone to mislead enemy players, whilst another one can grant you a burst of speed. These pets can be fed with food you earn from chests that you get from winning/losing a game. The food levels up pets and grants them additional skills.

Said chests also grants materials that you can craft items with. You select a recipe for an item already in the game, and you modify it. For example you pick a item that grants you 100 health and 100 mana, and you can for example modify it to grant 100 power along with the 100 health and 100 mana. You can also remove the mana and health and replace them with power. When crafting a item you can be lucky to craft a rare item. Crafting a rare item grants it extra powers, such as providing extra base damage.

Once you have crafted your item you can also enchant it. Enchanting an item grants it percentages in what state it’s in. If you have a rare item that’s at 20% you can enchant it to 40%. Once you reach 100% in rare your item will become a legendary item.

Strife introduces some cool new ideas to the MOBA genre, though its mostly for the more casual MOBA players, even though I do think that even the veteran MOBA player should give It a go.

An overall conclusion of this game is that it has some nice new features, and its casual. This gives it a nice fresh feel to it, but with the limited champion pool you have available in the beta, it slowly becomes dull and repetitive, but if you are looking for something casual you should definitely give it a go.