The beginning of a new clan

In March 2002, Roughnex was created by Jackal, the original creator of the Counter Strike clan for PC.
The team consisted of 8 players for over a year, in which they participated and played a huge amount of matches. The results were mixed, but they spread the name of Roughnex and used the tag xRx.

When Playstation 2 was adapted to be played online in summer 2003, the xRx squad moved onto it and began the Hardware Online Arena. Shortly after the release of Socom Jackal and his squad changed the team tag xRx became [R-N]. The squad then began to recruit new players to build up their clan.

In November 2004, the release of Killzone created a new age for Roughnex.
Jackal remade the clan and started recruiting new members, at the same time he changed the tag to Roughnex. He managed to pick up several top players on the game “Killzone”, including “Lanky”.

Lanky later on became the Co-leader in Roughnex, and the squad performed effectively in following games such as GameBattles. Roughnex dominated the scene, and attracted other top players to join the ranks. This huge change made Roughnex strong enough to succeed in all 3 GameBattles tournaments, as the runner up. Further on the clan decided to retire from GameBattles with a record of 45-9, in which they topped the ladder for months.

Playstation 2 came to an end, and created a period of inactivity before the release of Playstation 3.
A new player called “Bob” was recruited, and the team was going to pick up the newest PS3 games. PS3 did not bring much interest for the clan, which resulted in the clan splitting in two.
The split brought new formed clans or inactivity among the core members of Roughnex, the remaining members had to pick up the PS3 games to carry on.

When Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was released, the rebuilding of clan Roughnex began to take place.
Lanky acting as the clan leader, and Bob as the co-leader, remade the clan with only a handful of active players. Roughnex reputation from earlier events, made it easier for Lanky to recruit top quality players in CoD4, and they advanced to compete in the upcoming tournament.

The clan succeeded to rebuild its solid base again and established themselves with teams topping the ladders in Unreal Tournament 3, and CoD4. Gaining all of this success brought Roughnex into Battlefield: Bad Company, but with a huge let down, when they discovered the game was lacking any form of clan support. In desperate need of competing in something new, Roughnex created a squad in Call of Duty: World at War.

7 years had passed, and Roughnex saw a new era when Battlefield 1943 became available for download in early July 2009. After previous success and love for Battlefield, the clan quickly got a grab on it, and planned to compete in the ConsoleGaming ladder. The team was beaten, but it motivated them to improve their skills and strategies in order to take the tournament gold. The tournament final ended with Roughnex at the top of the ladder, and this victory secured the plans for Roughnex.

Roughnex becomes an Org

At September 2011, Roughnex launched a Black Ops team, and giving the huge growth of the clan, Lanky started to make plans about changing the clan into an organization.

Roughnex expanded their roster and supported teams in various game platforms. After tasting the success from their teams in Call of Duty and PS3, they set their eyes on League of Legends. League of Legends had already rapidly grown into a competitive game, and the plan was to get a team to represent Roughnex in the upcoming tournaments.

Roughnex grew into an organization and recruiting a LoL team was their next step.

When the LoL team started to grow in strength, performed well in large of number tournaments, and kept themselves ranked highly on ladders. The community started to notice the name of Roughnex in the LoL scene, and Roughnex decided to take the next step and recruit a team for Shootmania and the player “Popi” for Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition, as well as Street Fighter X Tekken.

The team in Shootmania brought a lot of reckoned force, when they attended Dreamhack Winter 2012 and won the tournament. The fighting scene however, had the player “Popi” representing Roughnex magnificently by winning THOR Open afterwards, and placing himself highly at the World Game Cup 2013 with a 5th place.
The recognition from the PC scene, cleared the way for Roughnex to form a partnership with CM Storm as being the primarily sponsor of the teams in both LoL and Shootmania.

Call of Duty proceeded to gain interest, and Roughnex picked up teams from Germany and Spain, not only for competing at a high level, but also to spread the name of Roughnex throughout Europe.

CoD was not the only game in which they picked up teams, as the North American Black Ops 2 team was recruited along the other teams. The team in Black Ops 2, proved themselves by winning a spot in MLG Dallas Championship, but regretfully disbanded later on. The future of Roughnex changed for an instant, when the Shootmania team disbanded right after, by going separate ways.

The disbanding did not harm the organization, as Roughnex continued to grow.  18months after these events took place, Roughnex were recognized in the esports scene, when various squads succeeded to gain prestigious achievements, and Roughnex decided to plan a bright future within esport.