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Aftonbladet Interviews RNX Popi

A good day as RNX Popi qualified as one of six fighters for esportsm this Summer @Dreamhack. He did an interview with Aftonbladet which you can read here: RNX Popi Interview

If you cant read Swedish then here is probably a fail Google translate for ya :)

Expert commentators in the SM studio called it “stable”. They called it “waterproof”. They said his “game plan was bulletproof.” And they said to Simon “RNX Popi” Gutierrez – who transformed a favoritism to a qualifying win – is Sweden’s best player right now.

Gutierrez agree with that, but adds:

- Though I really do not like to say so. It sounds so selfish.
“Changed Everything”

A year ago, 24-year-old from Gothenburg, who was then still without a sponsor, planned to stop racing gambling. He would study to become a physical therapist. But there were some questions he could not shake off. “What would happen if I bet that little, small, extra?” How good could I be, really? ”

It was about then Roughnex team got in touch with a sponsorship.


- It changed everything, says Gutierrez.

During the past year, “Popi” listed international top rankings and got to spar with major European players, not least legend Ryan Hart.

- First time I met Ryan at EVO (Evolution Championship Series, the most prestigious heavy fighting championship), he said he thought I was good. He could not understand that I had no sponsor.
As a family

There was a symbolic that just Gutierrez won the SM-qualifiers on their home turf. His victory was a victory for the entire Negative Edge, the passionate fighting community in Gothenburg.

- When I became a member of the Negative Edge we were six. Now we’re around 80. We are like a family, says Simon Gutierrez.

Now, “Popi” ready for the playoffs in the SM at DreamHack Summer in June. There he will be against seasoned players like Leo “Yagami” Sundholm and reigning champion Niklas “Magpie Milla” Bearing Borg. Then you can not Gutierrez just say he’s the best in Sweden – but prove it too.

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