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An Introduction to League of Legends

Many of you might not play League of Legends, don’t worry I got you covered. I put together an introduction to get you going, I don’t cover everything but I cover the most basic things, and if you want more in depth guides of champions there are plenty of websites out there to get you started.

I hope to you soon on the fields of justice!

Basic Information

League of Legends is a game made by Riotgames, a game company founded and run by Brandon Beck and Marc Merill. The game is not funded through ordinary box sales or ad revenue. It uses a free to play model built around microtransactions. Through these transactions you get an in game currency called riot points. By acquiring these points you can unlock skins for the different characters or champions that they are called that are in the game. Skins do not give the player any advantage over any other player, it simply is there to give a champion another look. When you first start out you don’t own any champions that they are called, so in the beginning you have to play the ones that are free to play that week. You can acquire new champions by doing two things, you can buy them with riot points or you could spend influence points which you earn by playing matches against other players.


This game is a so called MOBA game, MOBA which stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena is a genre of games that are set in already fixed arenas where the player control one single character. In League of Legends they are 3 different lanes that has towers defending the way into the base. Both teams has minions who spawn at each teams main building and sent out to the lanes, they yield gold to the one who get the last hit on them, anyone who is near when an enemy minion dies receives experience points which are used to advance in level to gain and upgrade your abilities.


Champion abilities

Each champion has access to four different abilities three standard and one ultimate ability, each time you level up you gain a point which you can use to level up one ability, but you can’t access and level up your ultimate ability until you reach level six. There are some champions who have access to all abilities, including their ultimate, at level one but they are few in numbers. All champions also have a passive ability which is unique for every champion.


Summoner spells

All champions have access to thirteen different summoner spells to choose from, you can only use two at the same time and once you enter the game you can not change them. The most popular summoner spells right now is flash, which teleports you instantly a short distance towards your cursor. This can be used to teleport over obstacles to either escape or engage on the enemy. The other one which is popular right now is ignite which deals true damage over time to enemy champions, and inflicting grievous wounds on the enemy which decreases all healing by 50%. The damage done depends on your champion level. All summoner spells have very high cooldown and should only be used if you are in need of them.



At the time I am writing this there are a total of 117 different champions to choose from, and each and every one them has a different background story and lore written about them. This is to give a depth to the champions and some of the champions are connected to each other and do different things when they are facing those champions. An example could be that when two champions that are connected meet they have certain lines they say when they kill their opponent.


How do you win?

There are two ways to win, one is to destroy the enemy nexus, and the other is if the enemy call a surrender vote and the majority agree to surrender.


Different game modes

There are a couple of different game modes and different maps in league of legends.Below is the map called Summoner’s Rift. This is the standard map for moba games currently. There are three different lanes with towers protecting each lane. In between the lanes there is the jungle where there are monsters that you can kill to acquire gold and buffs that can give you a slow and some extra attack damage. Behind the third turret in each lane there is a building called an inhibitor, if destroyed you get super minions (stronger minions) in the lane in which the inhibitor is down. To be able to destroy an inhibitor you must first destroy the three towers guarding the lane. The inhibitor will respawn after five minutes. The final building you have to destroy to be able to win the game is the nexus, to be able to attack the nexus and it’s two turrets you have to have one inhibitor destroyed.


Next we have Howling Abyss, which is very similar to the Summoner’s Rift map. It is basicly Summoner’s Rift but you have only one lane and only one way to go, forward. The idea here is the same, but you only got two turrets protecting your inhibitor instead of three. There is however one thing that is a major difference, if you play this map you are playing a game mode called ARAM (All Random All Mid) which means you don’t get to pick the champion you want, instead the client randomly chooses the champ that you are playing. You do get a reroll but you can only have a maximum of two and you gain these reroll points by playing the game mode, so they should only be used if it is absolutely necessary. There is one more thing that makes it special, you can’t back to base to buy and heal up, to be able to buy new items you have to die, and once you leave the platform you cannot return. To heal on the battlefield you have to go to one of the four health relics that are placed on the map, these give you both mana and health points. Below you can see the map and the four health relics that are marked with a green cross.

Next up we have the game mode called ‘’Dominion’’. Here you also play as a team of five but here the purpose and goals is different. In ‘’Dominion’’, in order to win you have to destroy the enemy crystal, and to do so you have to control the majority of the five different bases that are around the map. When you control the majority of the bases the health points on the enemy crystal begins to lower and you win when it reaches zero. Below is a picture of the map, crystal scar. The different icons represent the different bases that you can control.


Now let’s talk about the final game mode which is the 3v3 mode, this gamemode is played on a map called Twisted Treeline. Here we have two different lanes with a jungle filled with monsters you can kill for gold, similar to the jungle of Summoner’s RIft it also contains some monsters that if you kill them you acquire a buff for a short amount of time, these buffs increase different things on your champion, one buff could be that you have 10% increased movement speed for 2 minutes.

Ranked system

You can, despite playing the normal game modes for fun, also play ranked after you reach level 30 and have at least 16 champions. When you first play ranked you play ten games to determine your skill level. Most of the time you are placed in either the bronze or silver tier.


There are six different tiers, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond and lastly challenger. They are also separated among themselves with five different divisions,  Most players are in bronze and silver and only the top 25% are gold and higher. Beside this only 200 are allowed at maximum in the challenger tier. In the other tiers there is no limit to the number of spots available in that tier.


To advance into the next tier or division you have to accumulate 100 league points, these you get by winning a ranked game, you also lose points if you lose a game. You usually get around 20 points for winning a match and you lose around 10-15 points if you lose. When you reach 100 league points you are placed in a promotion series, if it is a prootion to a higher division it is a best of three, if it is to another tier it is a best of five.


There are four modes in which you can play ranked in and that is firstly when you are playing on Summoner’s Rift on your own or with a friend. That is called solo/duo queue. Secondly you can play with four other friends on Summoner’s Rift and form a team, this is called 5v5 premade, premade standing for that you yourselves have made the choice of playing together. Thirdly we have solo/duo queue on the 3v3 map Twisted Treeline, and lastly we have 3v3 premade on Twisted Treeline.


Introducing a champion

There are now over 100 different champions available to play, and it is increasing every year. I can’t introduce you to every single one of them now but I will introduce you to one of my favourites, Annie the dark child. I will describe my way of playing her and what she can do with her abilities Annie is a little girl who looks to be around 10 years old, but don’t let her age and appearance fool you. She is fire mage throwing fireballs at you and can summon a giant burning teddybear on your head.  Let me introduce you to her different abilities.


Passive: Pyromania

Annies passive ability is pyromania. After using abilities four times her next ability will stun her opponents, it will not be triggerd by molten shield, only with her offensive abilities.


First ability: Disintegrate

Disintegrate shoots out a fireball at her target, dealing magic damage to it, if disintegrate destroys it’s target, the mana is refunded.


Second ability: Incinerate

Incinerate sends out flames in a cone in front of Anne, dealing magic damage to all foes hit.


Third ability: Molten shield

Molten shield is Annies third ability, when activated Annie is surrounded by a shield of fire which does two things. Firstly it increases her armor and magic resist, and secondly whenever an enemy champion attacks annie with basic attacks, the enemy champion takes damage.


Fourth ability: Summon: Tibbers

Annies last ability, her ultimate, sends out her lovely teddybear tibbers. When he is summoned, the all surrounding enemies takes massive damage. Annie can control tibbers movements by either re activating the ability or pressing down the alt key(if not changed from standard). After Tibbers is summoned he constantly do damage to surrounding enemies and can also use basic attacks to damage nearby foes.


How to use Annie effectively

How do you use Annie’s abilities effectively then? Her kit is built around first using abilities to get your stun from your passive available and then harass your enemy or go all in and kill them. When you reach level six you can use your flash when you have your stun available and use your ultimate (Summon: Tibbers) on your lane opponent and use the rest of your abilities on them and if it is necessary, use ignite on them to finish of the kill. You want to use this combo when they are at around 75% of their health to be guaranteed a kill, but if you can get them lower than that before using the combo it is always good.


When you are in lane you can easily get the last hit the enemy minions by using your first ability, disintegrate and you won’t lose any mana if you are sure you are getting the last hit on them since then all mana spent when you used the ability will be refunded. Also disintegrate has a very low cooldown which makes it ideal to farm with. I usually kill four enemy minions with disintegrate to get the stun available, after that I use it on my lane opponent in combination with incinerate.


Always try to do some harass with your auto attacks, Annie has very long auto attack range compared to most champions which makes it easy to get one or two auto attacks without them being able to do anything.


Like I said in the segment ‘’How to use Annie effectively’’ you need flash and ignite as your summoner abilities since these do very well with what you want to do with annie which is, to surprise your opponent with your ultimate.


Personal reflection

I very much enjoy playing this game and play almost daily. I am myself currently placed in platinum 3 which means I’m at the top 5% (or the top 40 000 players) of the people who play this game. I also play with a ranked team, and we have won some minor tournaments, all together I have gotten around 1100 swedish crowns in prices so far and, hopefully, more will come. I’m in love with this game and I find that the game always keeps challenging me and wants me to play better.

As always with online games there will be people who will say mean things to you, there is barely any online competitive game played in teams that doesn’t have anyone who doesn’t get mad when it isn’t going as he or she wants. This behaviour is very hard to extinguish and is also related to the anonymity people find on the internet. My tip is to ignore the ones who become mad at other people in your game, there is a mute button for a reason, still it’s sad that such a thing has to exist. I have the most fun when I’m playing with my friends or with the team I’m in. I recommend everyone to try it out at least once since the only thing you can lose is the time spent, because the game is free to play you have nothing to lose. All I got left is to wish you the best of luck on the battlefield!