Author Epenance

My name is Martin "Epenance" Hobert. I used to be the team captain of the Roughnex.LoL team and is now the community manager and cup admin of Roughnex. I'm also fairly know around the european E-Sport scene as I work as admin in alot of big events such as Dreamhack and Copenhagen Games. When I'm not streaming I'm usually either working as a web developer or sleeping.

Roughnex brings back CS:GO!

Today we are proud to announce our newest addition to the Roughnex family with our brand new CS:GO team. The lineup is as follows:  Mikael “ultra” Andersen  Stian “centeks” Ledal  Bastian “rawriez” Skjelstad  Viktor “Cyph” Johansson  Niklas “Inz0n” Fredriksson We are extremely happy to be back in the CS:GO scene and look forward to bring […] Continue Reading

Roughnex Weekly #12 – EUW & EUNE

Date: Saturday the 21st of December Time: 13:00 CET Signup: East: West: Prizes: 1st place: €20 RP + Triumphant Ryze per player 2nd place: €15 RP per player 3rd place: €10 RP per player 4th place: €5 RP per player Region: EU Nordic & East / EU West Map: Summoners Rift Team Size: 5on5 Pick Mode: Tournament Draft Check In: All […] Continue Reading

Roughnex returns to CS:GO!

It is with great joy that we are announcing our newest addition to the Roughnex teams, our new CS:GO team! It has been a while since we have had a competitive scene within the FPS scene and we are glad to be able to share the new lineup with you guys!  Daniel ”Woke” Woyke  Olov ”Fyr” Nygård  Viktor ”Zitron” Kandre  Jonathan ”Fake” Bågfors […] Continue Reading