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My name is Martin "Pentragram" Lassen Jensen. Im a newcommer to the Roughnex "family" Acting as a "Journalist" For some League of Legends related content on the site.

The WePlay aftermath!

  The first four days of the WePlay tournament are over! Sadly enough RoughNeX lost twice against SK gaming and therefor was out of the tournament. At least we got to see our very own Tiridus shine, quotes like “Scandinavian Faker?” “Faker on EUW?” where being posted everywhere in the twitch chat. Day 1: The […] Continue Reading

The Harrowing patch

The harrowing is finally here oh have we been waiting for this. Because this year Riot is bringing back all of the old Harrowing skins. This has caused a lot of commotion. Many of the original owners feel cheated in a sense. Most people were under the impression of most of these “legacy” skins would […] Continue Reading