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Early look on the Coke Zero Challenger series


As many of you already know, Riot games announced back in October a collaboration between Riot and Coke Zero, forming the 2014 challenger series presented by Coke Zero. This was announced back before the season 3 championship, which was held October the 4th.  The 2014 challenger series will enable most of the high-end amateur teams to compete with the pros. 40 teams from the 150 possible ones will advance to the play-ins.

Along with the announcement came the surge of new teams, competing to get to challenger to have a go at the challenger series. Many new faces will appear during the series, and maybe some of the amateur teams will have a shot at going pro. However, familiar faces does appear on some predicted brackets by Leaguepedia. The old RoughNeX team, is also predicted to be in the series, with all of the orignial team members. Tricked eSport v2 is also predicted to be playing in the series. Overall the predictions do seem to promise a exiting 2014 challenger series.

The challenger series will be held like this:
two different play-ins (Play-in 1 – Play-in 2) and two different challenger series (Challenger series 1 – Challenger series 2) along with Challenger playoffs and finally the Promotion tournament.

The first play-in will be 20 top teams from the 5v5 ranked ladder. The second play-in will be another top 20 teams. being split into five brackets of four, in a best of one. So five teams from Play-in 1 will advance to challenger series 1. From Play-in 2 5 teams will be advancing to the second challenger series.

The first challenger series will be the five teams that advanced from Play-in 1 and three pre-qualified from the Promotion tournament. Competing for six weeks for cash prizes and points based on the games. The second will be the five teams from play-in 1 versus the top three from challenger series 1, in another series bracket and of cause the second challenger series will also have prizes.

The Challenger playoffs will be the top six teams from the two challenger series in a playoff bracket similar to LCS playoffs.  The winner here will be awarded with a $16.000 reward and a space in the promotion tournament along with second and third place in the playoff.

Promotion Tournament, the three LCS teams with the lowest amount of points will be competing against the three teams from the Challenger playoffs. The winners of this tournament will be going into the LCS series whilst the losers gets a spot in the next Challenger series.


Series Prize Pool
1st Place – $6,000
2nd Place – $4,000
3rd Place – $3,000
4th Place – $2,000
5th-8th Place – $1,250

Playoff Prize Pool
1st Place – $16,000
2nd Place – $10,000
3rd Place – $8,000
4th Place – $3,000
5th-6th Place – $1,250