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Fnatic brought to their knees for the first time!

Friday the 31 of Febuary, in the third week, on the EU LCS Spring split Gambit where the first team to beat Fnatic in this split. Despite only having one third of the voters voting for them, Gambit managed to pull off a great success versus Fnatic.

Despite losing firstblood and the second kill of the match only 2 minutes ingame to a facecheck at Fnatic’s blue buff. After only 7 minutes ingame Gambit managed to get ahead by 1k gold and 1 kill, despite the disastrous facecheck. The game went back and forth during the first 25 minutes, Gambit getting all dragon spawns giving them a massive lead. Thanks to Fnatic overextending and Gambit catching them in their upper jungle Gambit gets Baron 35 minutes ingame, once again making their gold lead even bigger.

42 minutes in game pressure beings to build as the baron spawns again, as it appears Fnatic catches gambit doing the Baron, Gambit completely turns the the fight with Alex Ich on Zed diving in on the the squishy backline of Fnatic. Gambit do get baron and another kill with a epic Super Mega Death Rocket my Genja on Jinx, this results in a free inhibitor. At this point Gambit is in the lead with 4 towers, 1 inhibitor and 7k gold. Gambits proceeds to push the Fnatic’s inhibitors. This resulting in baiting Fnatic out to fight whilst Gambits superminions takes out the two Nexus Turrets.

Gambits sees their chance and dives Fnatic burning through all of them resulting in Fnatic’s first loss in the EU LCS Spring split.

Who will be next?