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LOL Tournament Recap: Copenhagen Games!

This past weekend was the Copenhagen Games, which hosted the ROCCAT BenQ League of Legends tournament. This was the first LAN event for our League of Legends squad, and after recent success in minor offline tournaments, it would be the biggest stage to showcase their abilities thus far.

The League of Legends tournament boasted a €7000 prize pool, with €4000 to 1st place. With such a mouth-watering prize up for grabs, and the invaluable offline tournament experience to boot, teams such as Fnatic.Beta, eSuba Intel, Place4.Pro ROCCAT and Reason Gaming, to name but a few, were also in attendance. The competition was fierce, and raged on over the course of two days.

The tournament format was as follows:

Group Stage
Three Groups of Four Teams and One Group of Five Teams
Best of 1 Matches
Top Two go to Winner’s Bracket
Bottom Two go to Loser’s Bracket

Knockout Stage
Double elimination bracket with eight teams starting in the winner’s bracket and eight teams starting in the loser’s bracket
Winner bracket matches are Best of 3, loser bracket matches are Best of 1
Winner bracket champion and loser bracket champion face off in Grand Final (the team from the winner bracket starts with a one game advantage)


Group Stage

RoughNeX CM Storm were seeded into Group A, alongside eSuba Intel, Obliterate Gaming and Aarhus Natorz. Despite being grouped with eSuba, and the potentially volatile situation of Best of 1 matches, RoughNeX took the momentum of previous offline tournament victories in the ROCCAT BenQ LoL Challenge, Go4LoL Cup #132 and the RNX Cup #2 into this competition. Starting with Aarhus Natorz, RNX began in storming fashion, by forcing the surrender at 20 minutes. They picked up where they left off against Obliterate Gaming – again forcing the surrender at 20. The final group game was against eSuba.Intel, one of the tournament favourites, however RoughNeX played the perfect game, amassing a 20k gold lead to take the game home with ease.

Winner Bracket – Quarter Finals – vs Reason Gaming

After the strong group stage performance, topping Group A with a 3-0 record, RNX were to face Reason Gaming in the first round of knock-out games. The first game of the series was a close affair, as both teams made mistakes to gift their opposition a way back into the game. RNX found the ace after Reason had stolen the Baron, and this led to a inhibitor pick up. However, RNX suffered from over-confidence, and while pushing the bottom inhibitor tower, they were caught while split and were brutally picked apart. Reason had just enough time to rush to the RNX base and end the game. In game 2, RNX focused their efforts on successfully shutting down the enemy AD Carry, as Phact, BerryNice and Devo showcased their skills. This allowed RNX to push forward to a 10k gold lead and gain enough map control to see out the game, and bring the series to 1-1. In the deciding game, RNX made a great start to the game, getting kills in both the top and bot lanes. However nerves began to show, as some mistakes crept into their play, leading to Reason’s Nicker picking up 4 kills by the 14 minute mark. With that foothold back in the game, Reason put together very strong teamfights, with the use of Renekton, Nasus and Lulu Ultimates, to dive and eliminate the carries of RNX. A defining fight at Baron, where RNX managed to eliminate Nicker’s Diana immediately, gave RoughNeX an opening to regain control of the game. From there they maintained their momentum into a favourable fight in the top lane, giving them an inhibitor. Coming up to the 40 minute mark, another teamfight broke out in Reason’s jungle, and after another tight battle, RNX came out on top to take the series.

Winner Bracket – Semi Finals – vs Fnatic Beta

Into the Winner Bracket Semi-Finals, RoughNeX met Fnatic.Beta, the favourites to win the tournament. Fnatic’s early game had feint signs of LCS play about it, as they initiated lane swaps and early jungle invades to provide advantages for their whole team. However, after a great fight for RNX outside of the Baron pit at 23 mins, RNX were able to take the inner turret of the mid lane, providing much needed map control. A few minutes later, RNX used this to fast push the top lane taking both the outer and inner turrets to gain the gold lead. This meant the RoughNeX AoE team composition took them to a 1-0 lead in the series. Fnatic’s response in game 2 was to make unusual champions picks, with Lee Sin top and Ziggs in the mid lane. Due to this, RNX played a little too reactively, seemingly unsure of what Fnatic’s team can do. Ultimately, the delay in RoughNeX’s aggression gave Rekkles the chance to farm his Vayne to terror status, resulting in him hard carrying the game. The final game of the series was an understandably tense game, with both teams respecting their opponents that little bit more after the previous two battles. The game ultimately was not that action packed, however stripping it down to it’s bare bones, it was an incredibly well executed game. With a typically strong teamfighting composition from RoughNeX, any large scale skirmish generally fell into their favour. Once a lead had been established, a fantastic display of map control was deployed. BerryNice picked up Oracle after Oracle to sweep out Fnatic’s vision, and deny them any opportunity to make any play at all. This was a perfectly executed game from RoughNeX, and against a team such as Fnatic.Beta, that is a performance that is packed full of positives.

From Left to Right: BerryNice, Doris, Phact, Devo, Toya, Betrayed (General Manager)

Winner Bracket – Final – vs eSuba Intel

Following the massive high of not only reaching the Winner Bracket Final, but beating the tournament favourites to do so, RoughNeX were humbled on day 2. It would be a repeat of the group stage match, as RoughNeX faced eSuba.Intel, and much like the group stage game, eSuba ran a Rumble in the jungle. which provided some surprisingly strong early ganks. The game was relatively even, with RoughNeX seemingly with the upper hand when they picked up some kills in the mid lane, and turned for Baron. However they were unable to complete it before eSuba returned and forced them away, taking it themselves. eSuba’s Jayce poked out the RNX team forcing them away from objectives, allowing eSuba to take the first game. In game 2, eSuba’s Gornagal continued his trend of unconventional junglers with a Sejuani pick, and used her to put constant pressure onto the RoughNeX bot lane. eSuba came into this series with a set game plan and executed it well to really restrict RoughNeX’s ability to gain any foothold in which to base attacks from. Despite the kill score being relatively close in the mid game, eSuba were up 10k gold due to their control of the lane pressure, earning them the tower global gold, and also dragon control. RoughNeX conceded the game and series 0-2, dropping into the Loser Bracket final, where they would again face Fnatic.Beta.

Loser Bracket – Final – vs Fnatic Beta

Once again facing the tournament favourites, this time in a Best-of-1, it would be the deciding game for one of these teams, as a loss grants 3rd place, and the winner going on to the Grand Final vs eSuba.Intel. Much like Game 3 of the previous meeting between these two teams, RoughNeX followed an impressive game plan to eek out advantages and make them stick. Fnatic did not have an answer to the superior team composition that they had once again left open to RoughNeX. It’s a great testament to the RoughNeX team to have beaten Fnatic.Beta twice in this tournament, to really make their mark on their first LAN event appearance.

Grand Final – vs eSuba Intel

Going into the Grand Final, RoughNeX CM Storm faced eSuba.Intel once again, in another Best of 3, however eSuba began with a 1-0 lead due to qualifying from the Winner’s Bracket. This meant RNX needed to win two games, while eSuba only required the one. True to form, eSuba picked up their unconventional jungler in Sejuani, and with their previously dominating Jayce banned out, they opted for Nidalee to perform an identical role for the team. On RoughNeX’s side, they managed to pick almost their strongest line-up, with typical AoE power. However, Nidalee’s poke derailed the RNX train, just as Jayce had done previously. Unfortunately RoughNeX struggled with the persistent poke and were forced off of several key objectives. From this, eSuba built an insurmountable advantage, and took home the game with ease, taking with it the series and 1st place in the tournament. RoughNeX claimed 2nd, with Fnatic.Beta in 3rd.


We are extremely pleased with our first LAN event performance, the players have come together and put in solid performances against strong teams at a big stage. They have put the work in, in the Ranked 5′s climb to the Challenger division, in minor online tournament victories, and have culminated to an impressive performance on LAN. Despite defeat in the Grand Final, this has been an enriching experience that serves as motivation and desire for success in the future.

We would like to thank CM Storm for their support of the team throughout their growth, Copenhagen Games for hosting the wonderful tournament, with it’s sponsors ROCCAT and BenQ.

Also, a shout out to RNX Epenance for his work at Copenhagen Games, in the media and streaming to bring you all the action live. Alongside Keyori who casted brutal hours for your enjoyment!

Next up, the RoughNeX CM Storm team will be entering the Go4LoL EU West #136 on April 7th, in the hopes of qualifying for the May Promotion Tournament into the European LCS. We wish them all the best!

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