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Loadout Beta: First Impressions

First to stress that anything i mention below is all subject to change as with anything in beta they are constantly changing and improving there game as they go. So take what i say as how i feel about the game and where they are going with it. Enjoy!

So what is Loadout?

Loadout is a first person shooter that’s just taken an Adrenalin filled syringe straight  into the Heart! This game is just a no hold.all out crazy ass game that is just seriously good fun. What makes it stand out from the masses is its outrageously over the top ability to customize the weapons to take on to the battlefield, “over 50 mil­lion com­bi­na­tions” With so much choice where do you start?


Well for me and my first attempt into the game is finding out what type of play style you play and then how you want to play it. Are you a healer, in which case how do you want to heal? Rocket AOE? sniper healing for those long range save etc. It is a little crazy and maybe overwhelming but you pick it up quick enough and you end up having so much fun you don’t care whats in your hand. My initial choices was a Tesla sniper and a rocket healer.Maybe the combo didn’t work or i just sucked hard with it but damn i got destroyed like 5 for 18 or something ( enjoy that video when i upload it lol) I went back to the drawing board.

While the rocket heals worked out surprisingly well at healing myself and others i felt that i needed something with a bit more punch when up close and personal. I made a pulse weapon with a high capacity mag and a few other extras and just went to town. Now I’m truly happy as now i know i have a load out that works i can just not care and go crazy with the others yay!

Customization is King!


Now the weapon customization might be king, but they really don’t know how to hold back on everything else. With a bazillion outfits to choose from  and some taunts that are the best i have ever seen your going to sink a lot of time here, not at first though. There is a currency in the game that you can earn through playing it or putting down your credit card and buying the coins needed. I don’t mind that as at least i can still get the same things. Not sure if it will be added in later but the only thing missing really is a female character model. Doesn’t bother me and i can see them adding it as why not really, just worth the mention here.

Multiplayer is stupid fun!


Now I’m still playing through this game so haven’t had a chance to try out all the 4 game modes and 4 maps, or even to see if any is horribly unbalanced. What i can tell you is what i have played so far is very entertaining like Team fortress meets Borderlands. I think this game is going to do real well once release to the general public. With a clan system in place tho not active ATM i can easily see this game move into esports. Imagine not knowing what devastating weaponry the other team are bringing to the battlefield. Could make for a very interesting watch on twitch. Spectate much :)


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