The journey to Gamescom

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RoughNeX Return to LoL

RoughNeX are once again back competing in League of Legends, with our new LoL Academy team. Long time admirers of RoughNeX, they have agreed to come on board and represent us in EU Nordic and East. The team itself consists of Uroš ‘Katz’ Novak , Johan ‘Anlora’ Arvidsson, Marcus ‘Peanut’ Edborg, Kamil ‘Neawin’ Masel, Pontus ‘Woio’ Hansson, and […] Continue Reading

New DoTA 2 Academy

Get ready for our latest addition to the RoughNeX family with our new DoTA 2 Academy team. The lineup of our latest team consists of Occe, FaintE, Ʌxv, Kreon and Aji.  Occe, Ʌxv and Kreon know each other from the wc dota and HoN days already, having played together in various teams on and off. The […] Continue Reading