RoughNeX weekly tournaments returns!

After a long break we are now ready to return with our weekly tournament. We will start out with our first tournament the 26th of April. Again this time we will be hosting tournament on both realms (EuW and EUNE) Our prizes will be RP and skins. Date: Saturday the 26 April Time: 13:00 CET Signup: East: West: […] Continue Reading

SHC vs MYM LCS Qualifier

With the disqualification of Lemondogs the teams who didn’t qualified for LCS, NiP, MYM and SHC got a second chance to qualify for LCS. Things started and ended swiftly for NiP when the top laner Zorozero hadn’t updated his tournament realm client. They got 20 minutes to get ready before they were disqualified, therefore missing […] Continue Reading