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RoughNeX Interview EUW Cup #3 Winners Peculiar Gaming

With another successful RoughNeX league of legends tournament come and gone, we thought it would be nice to shine the spotlight on the winners. Fighting their way through the 32 teams in the tournament sees Peculiar Gaming come out on top without a single match loss. Very convincing win that shows why they are one of the best German teams out there.

I got a hold of Team Captain Pheliox to answer a few questions that the community might want to know on how to become a successful and dominant team in League of legends.

[Roughnex-Red] – First of all i would like to thank you for agreeing to spend a little of your time to do this interview with us. I will try to keep it short and as painless as possible:) Before we get into it tell me a little bit of back story about your team eg , how long have you been playing together that sort of thing?

[Peculiar Gaming - Pheilox] – Well I’m known as Pheilox, and I’m former player of fnatic and mousesports. After mousesports disbanded in december 2012 I decided to create my own team, (with Jwaow also from mousesports). I wanted to have a new kind of concept and with noaphiel we don’t only have a manager, we now also have a coach that analyse replays with us and tells us what we did good and bad so we are constantly improving. After a bad performance in the ESL Pro Series we had some roster changes and so Gruhlum and Amazing joined us. Since they arrived to the team we have been doing pretty well. I hope its going on like it is at the moment so we keep on improving to reach our goals.


[Roughnex-Red] -  You played extremely well not loosing a single match in this tournament. Did you think it would be that easy?
[Peculiar Gaming - Pheilox] – Nah we didn’t expect it to be that easy, the only match that took abit longer was against Gaming Gear and we will face them tomorrow in the EUW Challenger Series again. I noticed they are really good players so maybe they just had a bad day. I expect it to be harder tomorrow.

[Roughnex-Red] – Did you prepare much before the tournament?

[Peculiar Gaming - Pheilox] – We didn’t especially prepared for the cup but actually we are playing 6/weeks+. We play every cup we can and also play a lot of ranked 5′s where we are currently ranked first just above Meet Your Makers.

[Roughnex-Red] – What is the next event/tournament for you guys in the near future for people to come support ya?

[Peculiar Gaming - Pheilox] – We are in the EU Challenger Series tomorrow where we go against Gaming Gear (18:00) in the semi-finals. You can follow our team here Peculiar-Gaming.com or like my Facebook page www.facebook.com/Pheilox

[Roughnex-Red] – Since we are at the end of this interview any shout outs you want to mention?

[Peculiar Gaming - Pheilox] -  Again a very big thanks to my wife that is supporting me in whatever I do in esports.

[Roughnex-Red] – Thanks for taking the time to answering our questions and hope you guys keep on going strong in LOL. Good luck in all your future endevours and hope to see you in our next tournament, to be announced at a later date.



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