VI_RNX General News

Roughnex returns to League of Legends

Here at RoughNeX we are pround to announce our new League of Legends team that will have its debut at Copenhagen games.


ForellenLord former of team Alternate in the mid lane

Antedeus from the solo queue ladder in the top lane

Sly from the solo queue ladder in the jungle

Foo sharp former of Mousesports in the bot lane as AD carry/Marksman

Darker former of Gambit gaming in the bot lane as support

I am proud to join Roughnex as they give us a good opportunity to take part in tournaments. Our current goal is to achieve a high spot at Copenhagen games as it is our first offline event. If we can work well together there is gonna be a great future for this team.”

- Carl “ForellenLord” Lückmann


Over the last few months we’ve been searching for a team that fit us, we’ve had countless of talks with different teams but immediatly felt that this team had the same mindset, expectations and goals. Copenhagen Games will be their first LAN event and we are certain that we’ll be seeing some amazing games out of them.

- Martin “Epenance” Hobert