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SHC vs MYM LCS Qualifier

With the disqualification of Lemondogs the teams who didn’t qualified for LCS, NiP, MYM and SHC got a second chance to qualify for LCS. Things started and ended swiftly for NiP when the top laner Zorozero hadn’t updated his tournament realm client. They got 20 minutes to get ready before they were disqualified, therefore missing out on the opportunity to get back in the LCS. What we ended up with was a single best of three between Supa Hot Crew and Meet Your Makers, a last chance for MYM to get back into LCS and a chance for SHC to fulfill their dreams.

Game one started out slow with much on the line for both teams, both of them had gotten a second chance. MYM made huge mistakes around dragon, giving SHC the upper hand in the first match. SHC drove this advantage home and only had a few slips, one of them was when MYM got baron at 25 minutes giving MYM hope of a comeback. That hope was extinguished very quickly when SHC got 3 kills on MYM in a fight directly after MYM got baron. After this SHC had no problem and dominated the rest of the game and finished of the game at 36 minutes.

The second game was a lot more even with SHC always being slightly ahead. SHC didn’t hesitated with taking objectives and took both dragons and towers when they could. There was no answer from MYM, SHC was always one step ahead and won the game when MYM surrendered. Now we got a new team into the LCS and we here on Roughnex want to wish the best of luck to the SHC guys!