Martin also known under the nick Epenance and have been playing for about two years under the organization RoughNeX. Martin achieved many goals in his League of Legends past, he managed to hit challenger on his smurf (Ironically not my main) and gotten his other 2 accounts into Diamond 1 several times. Martin has been captain of the former RoughNeX team and done very well winning several minor tournaments and putting our name up there in the “bigger” ones.

After the team disbanded he went more into managing and is currently a part of the RoughNeX Staff, he is hosting our online cups, manage teams and help hunt sponsors. He is also a part of both Dreamhack and Copenhagen Games’ admin crew and if you go to those events you are very likely to bump into him one day.

Full name: Age: Nationality: Current residence: Position:
Martin Hobert 23 Denmark Roskilde Chief executive officer

Started his Esports career as a CoD4-player for CDO__, as the time past FroztyIV went more and more to discover what Esports is all about and is now a huge fan of Starcraft 2 and the Counter Strike: Global Offensive community.

FroztyIV have achieved in his Esports career to be one of the admins on Dreamhack and also admin for small online cups as well helping out manage teams. FroztyIV is former team captain of RNX.CSGO, while the team disbanded, FroztyIV didn’t want to leave the RNX family and stayed as a PC Manager.

Full name: Age: Nationality: Current residence: Position:
Adam Fällström 20 Sweden Falköping General Manager

Well known eSport enthusiast from Sweden he began his esport journey with small semi-elite organizations in Sweden and became known fast in the Swedish eSport community for his good work and his skills with teams. He is currently working as Content Manager in RoughNeX and is responsible for the whole website.

Full name: Age: Nationality: Current residence: Position:
Patric Fahlman 20 Sweden Ludvika Content Manager

Machine is an experienced CoD player from BO1. Gradually he discovered the e-Sports to become one of the respected players of the scene, on PS3. In BlackOps2, he had to jump to XBOX where he gain more experience in CoD. RoughNeX formed a squad of Spanish players, which did not have much success and disbanded. His desire to continue working in RNX led him to become Console Manager.

Full name: Age: Nationality: Current residence: Position:
Matias Mas 19 Spain Mallorca Console Manager

Teo started working with eSports in 2010, and have alot of
experience from other organisations.

Full name: Age: Nationality: Current residence: Position:
Teodor Moquist 17 Danmark Copenhagen Partnership Manager

My name’s Hannah, I live in Sweden. I got into gaming about 7 years ago when I tried CS for the first time and since then I have been hooked. I am also a huge fan of DreamHack and have been attending the event every year since 2006 both with computer and without and I’m now a part of the DreamHack crew. I like the big “mainstream” games such as LoL and CS but I’m also very fond of the indie scene.

Full name: Age: Nationality: Current residence: Position:
Hannah Fogman 23 Sweden Jönköping Social Media Manager

Naniq Started his eSport career back in 2011 at Copenhagen games, and is growing fast, he is now working as head-admin in league of legends for many origination where one of them is Copenhagen games.
In roughnex, his main position is to help with the tournaments.
You can be able to meet Patrick at events like Net Party Fyn, Copenhagen Games, Dreamhack, Netpartydk and much more.

Full name: Age: Nationality: Current residence: Position:
Patrick Kobberup-Jensen 19 Danmark St. Fuglede Tournament administration