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Riot games critically acclaimed MOBA game League of Legends have been a “giant” in E-sport for a while now. For those of you that don’t know about LoL. The game centres about five versus five, on a map called Summoner’s rift. The two teams compete to destroy the enemy teams Nexus and with that win the game. The game is currently the most played online MOBA game. In addition to that last year, League of Legends grew a whopping 258% in average monthly minutes watched on, and became known as the most popular game on Twitch. And of course like every big online game there’s some sort of championship and in League of Legends it’s called the LCS short for League Championship. The LCS later evolves into the World Championships with the teams that advanced from the LCS and other qualifiers.

The LCS consists of two splits each with two playoffs and two Promotion Tournaments in two different regions NA and EU. The spring split and the summer split. In each of the splits, eight teams will participate playing 28 games of five versus five. The games will be held in four single-game matches against each other, and at the end of the regular season split two teams advance into the playoffs.  The remaining third to sixth seeded teams play in a wild card round, where the winners advance to play against the two top seeded teams, while the losers play a fifth-place match. The team that loses the fifth-place match will drop down to the relegation matches with two other teams that failed to make the playoffs. Here the teams will face three Challenger teams from the Coke Zero League that will attempt to beat the three LCS teams and gain a place in the Promotion Tournament.

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